Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It is sad to watch a community disintegrate in front of your very eyes

Not to long ago I was going to run fr Mayor for the city that I live in.  Even sitting in on city council meetings it was so very disheartening how even in the public eye, some of the other candidates that were in the running were only there to grandstand, hoping to be able to get their little piece of the pie.  Community, or to be more accurate the people who think they know what the public want.  Either are blind to anything beneficial or just don't give a crap at all.  The mayor of the city I live in have been in office for ever now cause the people are afraid of change and have become complacent.  There have been glimpses of hope in the past but that s all they were chalked up to me.  Change, means a difference of opinion actually being taken seriously.  The people that want change are mocked or discredited.  It is sad to watch a community disintegrate in front of your very eyes.  Maybe one day I will decide to run again, but for now I need to wait and watch for that window of opportunity to open up, in a time when it will eventually come to fight or flight and the people are ready or desperate enough to say hey.  Lets stop banging out heads against the wall and get serious about this.  It's time that the people in our communities stand up, and say me sir I do not want any more!

Your brother in arm: Scott McFadden


dusty katt said...

I've been saying all along that Canadians as a whole are far to complacent. The whole idea that we don't talk about religion or politics has raised an entire generation that has no idea what's going on at all. It's all very sad really.

Anonymous said...

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