Wednesday, November 21, 2012

To Be Courageous

To Be Courageous 

I like that word Courageous, it reminds me instill in everyone that I meet, to have the courage, and determination even sometime against the odds come out on top.

Be the best you that you can be, there is one person that come to mind when I speak of this her name is Lexie Lane, she has been one of the most helpful when it come to networking on .  She is one of the most courageous people that I know.  Doing "her" best at what she dose.   I am very grateful that I have had the chance to meet this wonderful woman, person, and friend   Lexie Lane is an inspiration.


Theresa said...

What a nice post to Lexie! I am slowly learning a bit more about her each week through VoiceBox, and can't wait to learn even more about her in the future :)

Scott McFadden said...

TY Theresa: If anyone is not on VoiceBox yet, I hope that you try it out. There are allot of groups on it that have done me allot of good.

Czjai Reyes-Ocampo said...

Agree with you! voiceBoks is one of the best communities ever! :)